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Lake Region Figure Skating Club

The Lake Region Figure Skating Club (LRFSC), located in Devils Lake, ND, offers a wide range of skating opportunities. We are happy to be able to say that although our ice time per year is limited, we offer all of the areas available through U.S. Figure Skating. Our club offers a Learn to Skate program for beginners; the "national" U.S. Figure Skating testing for advanced skaters in dance, freestyle and moves in the field; and synchronized skating. Our skaters participate in local competitions. These competitors can perform individually or in large groups such as a Synchro team. U.S. Figure Skating testing, when completed to a high enough level, can lead to our skaters becoming qualified to someday coach skating. It pleases us to know that some of our skaters have done just that and we hope to continue to broaden and expand our program to meet the needs of future skaters. Our annual spring Ice Show continues to be the highlight of our skating season. Our skating programs are held at the Burdick Arena in Devils Lake, ND. We welcome skaters of all ages!

Lake Region Figure Skating Club


Mailing Address:

Lake Region Figure Skating Club

PO Box 158

Devils Lake,ND 58301

Administrative Assistant for the 2024-2025 Season

Our ideal candidate will have the availability to start training with our current AA; with the role officially starting July 1st, 2024, and running through April 1, 2025. The AA will not be a member of the LRFSC Board. They will be contracted and paid an agreed-upon annual sum broken up into 5 monthly payments. 

The Administrative Assistant will work closely with the members of the LRFSC Board and will perform the following services; along with others deemed necessary throughout their contracted employment:

A) Manage and properly deposit all LRFSC finances at First United Bank.
B) Be responsible for communicating with and providing appropriate documentation to Britsch and Associates for proper tax filings for LRFSC.
C) Complete payroll for the LRFSC Skating Instructors and Skating Directors. 
D) Assist with the registration process for accuracy for each registration.
E) Monitor automatic payments monthly for declines.
F) Monitor coaches’ certifications.
G) Assist with promoting registration on the LRFSC  website and Facebook page.
H) Ensure USFSA memberships are paid for and processed through the USFSA website.
I) Ensure “Learn to Skate” memberships are paid for and processed through the USFSA website.
J) Balance all LRFSC bank accounts, including Synchro, along with ensuring all transactions are recorded correctly in QuickBooks.
K) Maintain copies of invoices and receipts for all payments processed through LRFSC.
L) Routinely check USPS mail and process as needed.
M) Maintain LRFSC email access for administrative oversight.
N) Assist with updating the website when needed.
O) Process and mail in quarterly payroll reports with assistance from Britsch.
P) Assist with advertising and promoting club happenings and skater achievements.
Q) Process all payments and reimbursements for LRFSC.
R) Assist with sponsorships, tracking and collecting checks, etc.
S) Assist and track all fundraiser profits.
T) Prepare Ice Show cash bags with adequate cash for each show.
U) Assist with collecting payments for ice show costumes through SportsEngine if needed.

The AA shall have the right to perform similar services for others during the time of their contracted employment with LRFSC and will have the right to offer their services to the general public and secure other employment during the length of their position as long as the employment does not interfere with their job responsibilities laid out in a contract to be signed before employment begins.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to

If you have questions, please contact Matt Olson, LRFSC President at (701) 230-9702.

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Lake Region Figure Skating Club